The “Dog Pound” circa 1998? Good Times!

OTHER REPORTED ACTIONS   6 / 2/ 01 (re-printed from my old site)

The Libyans beat the Chadians in AK47. Do you really want to see this?

Joe Nacchio, Steve Gausche, and I did a WWII battle in 20mm with my old Frontline rules.

JoeSteveG mehappy

 The Fatimid Egyptians beat the Commenan Byzantines in
Steve’s expanded DBA offshoot game.  Notice the lively expressions on Steve and Johns faces during a discussion of one of the finer points in the rules. Chris is using this opportunity to switch Johns troops around!


Dave Dandridge is caught desperately looking up the stats for his new “1840” Viking west Coast assault craft! Rumor has it that this new wonder weapon can be air dropped by  “Congolese helicopters in “AK47”.DAVESboat

Some of its stats are quite impressive:

TROOP CAPACITY: Six lunch size “Ruffles” chip bags.

ARMAMENT: 16 once tub of “Onion dip” enough to put any wargamer down!

Alternately it can be loaded with 5 – 12 oz “Pepsi” rockets.

Dave Lynch dropped by with a friend.

Dave Lynch dropped by with a friend.

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