British Artillery Tractor

BritTractrGn This artillery tractor is a great little vehicle for either GASLIGHT or could be used for regular colonial games as well. I heard this piece was available at the 99 cent store but I bought mine on ebay for 1 or 2 dollars since the stores by me had none. Its a really cheap novelty “pencil sharpener” It turns into a nice vehicle rather quickly, although I took quite a bit more time with mine.
I extended the stack so that a ArtyTractor2piece of removable smoke could be used first. I then ground of some metal struts that would be in the way of my “operators” compartment I was going to build in the back. I did quite a bit of filing and trimming since the molding of the original was not that great. Once I finished that I built the rear compartment including seat, armored sides, control panel with “big brass gauge”, control levers, and a rear hitch to haul guns or trailers.
After the construction was finished I primed the whole thing with automotive primer and then airbrushed it a nice desert color with a mix of Testors paint. Details were added with Vallejo paints and the removable smoke added. The figure is I believe a Foundry seated artillery gunner but I am not sure, fits great!


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