The “Dog Pound” gets built circa 1995?

The early days of the “Dogs” in fact as I remember we were not even “Dogs” yet! but simply the garage or “Danny’s Garage” group. Few can trace there lineage back here! These picture are from the great remodel. Tired of playing in squalor Tim Daun, Chris Snell, Joe Nacchio, John McKirren, Danny and Bill Witthans (me) ripped out the old carpet, insulated and re-paneled the walls, re-worked air conditioning, installed new lighting, and more. Later Danny and others finished re-carpeting and fixing up kitchen area. I built some custom tables, and a wall of cabinets. It was a great place to game and sad beyond words when 10 years later we had to move it to its present location, Chris’s house!

Chris files the flash off a mini he found under the rug.

John McKirrnen with his HMGS/PSW shirt on and his back to camera and me when my “stash” still had color! work on the drop ceiling.

Danny works on re installing ceiling tiles.

Joe as always pitching in!

Chris and Bill look for missing figures!

Tim gives us “morale” support from the comfy chair! As I remember he had a bad cold….

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