Japanese “Crab” Tank

Japanese “KANI” class tank

This is the third one of these “Sheltrum” resin VSF tanks I have built. Once again as with all the “Sheltrum” stuff I have replaced parts and modified others to reach this stage. This is the second Japanese styled “crab walker” This one was done for Chris Snell and it only took me two years to get around to it! (I did a Japanese one for myself as well!) the first one being the original American version for Steve G “US Rough Riders”.

The smoke stack was replaced with a larger one built from styrene and rivets added.

100 rivets added.

Legs were cut, drilled, and brass pinned for strength.

Flag pole insert added and flag.

New gun Barrel added and insert for removable smoke added.

Love the look of this model when its done!

Love the look of this model when its done!

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