For Sale

From time to time I go through my collections and decide the some things need new homes and I also (rarely!) paint items or units for sale to finance other projects. If you see anything you are interested in please drop me an email.

More items from the “Dogs of War”. These items have been donated by our members to finance the refurbishing of the “Dog Pound” our club house. All these items are priced to go FAST!
Please understand that these items are not all mine and I’m describing them as well as I can. Some of the miniatures and armies are outside my interest and I may not describe them correctly. Feel free to ask any questions, but ask fast as most items go VERY quickly! All sale final and AS IS. Please contact me DIRECTLY at as I may not always get your PMs sent here as quickly!

Complete WARHAMMER High Elf army. I’m not a Warhammer player but these are NICE figures and are OOP so not cheap or easy to find. Sold as a lot and cheaper than you’ll find elsewhere!
High Elf Archer Command, 30 Plastic Archers, 5 packs Sword Masters of Hoeth (10 figs) Sword Masters Command pack, High Elf Command, 30 High elf Spears (plastic), High Elf Mages pack (one mounted one foot) High Elf Silver Helms (8 mounted figures) boxed set, Silver Helms Standard bearer pack, 4 lose figures, Mage, High Elf, Elf Hero, and Archer command? Tiranoc Chariot set. Two banners sets, includes all bases.
This is a beautifully sculpted warband and no longer available in stores. Get it now before its gone and at a price you wont find again! Was $180 USD now $150 USD USD plus shipping ($20 in US)

Metal Italian Jet $5 USD USD

4 World War One Nicely painted 1/72 aircraft. Each one has a small threaded nut on the bottom for use to attach to flight stand. Was $30 USD now $25 USD USD

4 WWI plane kits 1/72 scale. $10 USD

SOLD 15mm Romans 48 Roman figures painted to a wargame standard. $30 USD

 SOLD 15mm Late Medieval ? army. This could be early Renaissance as it has “Bombards”? (not my period…lol!)

84 Mounted Knights, 8 Spear sergeants, 25 foot Crossbow men, 3 Bombards and crews (cannon), 48 foot levy. 110 plus figures, Nice figures, painted and flagged. Was $180 USD now $130 USD USD plus shipping ($20 CONUS)