HMGS Fall Campaign (2010?)

HMGS/PSW “Fall Campaign!”
These pictures were taken by yours truly and since I was pretty busy I did not get around nearly as much as I would have liked to so they are mostly our Boxer Rebellion game and a few others.


Doug’s always a solid GM! Rick Brown looks on.

Some of Doug Kendricks beautiful 28mm Perry Brothers Samurai! during his small unit skirmish game on Sunday.

Past President in LA cap Steve Phenow runs a 15mm Napoleonics game. I the red shirt is long time LA gamer and HMGS member John Curran!



SteveP2Even the boys from the “new” Battletech game showed up Sunday! I must admit I have quite a few figures for this painted and unpainted!


BT3Steve, Robert, Rick, and George Paler go over the rules for avoiding rain in Roberts WWII navel game. That is either the Rain or a “Tribble” from Star Trek in the forground!


Doug and I really wanted to go the whole nine yards and raise the bar a bit at the con so we made several trips to “Chinatown” to get some “Window dressing” to liven things up a bit. This included Mandarin outfits for both Doug and myself, Chinese Lanterns, and a few other items to lend atmosphere. We had music from the Bengal clubs 2008 Christmas CD, music for the “Boxer Rebellion”


The opening line up Saturday Morning (LtoR) Jessie Boyens, Dave ?, Steve Gausche, ?, Steve Lucky, ?, and Mandarin Doug Kendrick.

Jessie shows what HMGS cons should be about!


New Vice President Harmon Ward (standing) at the Saxon Viking Game.


Bill Witthans (me) the new HMGS/PSW President, Jessie, and Doug at Doug’s Samurai Skirmish game.


Doug gives Rick Brown some game advice.

The “BENGAL CLUB” LA (LtoR) Jerry K, Chris M, Dow, ? in “broke” t-shirt (not a TBC member) Matt D looking stunning in a beautiful Van Huesen light blue shirt! Steve G (blue ball cap) Doug K (extreme lower right) and John D in the for ground wearing the “Horn of Plenty” hat. You can see in this view that even the stage area was taken up on Saturday night and all the games were maxed out!Boxer26


When it gets close everyone wants to see those dice!

Would you trust this man to be your new HMGS/PSW President? Notice the 2 minute “egg” timer in blue on the table. When a side took to long to decide I flipped it over a made a threat…lol!


Lots of great gamers got to play we ran it three times with 20+ people playing over the 3 games. This is a view over the British Legation.Boxer27A shot from the other side of the front gate of the British Legation, this sand bagged earthwork fortification was called “Fort Halliday” after the British Captain who’s idea it was and who was later killed in the fighting there. The canvas cover, sand bag position, and rest of the trench was all scratch built, as well as the additional sand bags on the gate. The Legations themselves are “old” Old Glory pieces no longer made.


The Russians move in an man a wall in the re occupied Japanese Legation just in time to repulse another boxer attack!


Once inside the Russians are attacked by more Boxers!


Japanese cavalry sorties out to help stem the boxer tide!

Were bloody well working on it, now piss off!

Were bloody well working on it, now piss off!








and promptly gets attacked by some Chinese Cavalry, in the squeeze play the Japanese were eliminated.

The huge “Tarter Wall” was the focus point for much of the fighting as it was historically. The boxers got a free cannon if the could manage to clear the Allied defender off of it! From there the could do serious damage to defenders on the legation walls.

German “marines” help defend against the never ending yellow tide!

Scant yards away the Japanese infantry defends the “Tarter wall” from attacks coming from the other direction.

Germans are wiped out and the Chinese pour over the barricades! The Japanese turn in shock to be caught in the middle!

The last German is about to grab the “colors” and run!

The “Chinese vase” to the right was one of those things I picked up in “Chinatown” We used it to drop Legation troops ammunition counters. I went and picked up spent 22 and 45 bullet cases at a local range to use as “ammo” counters. Every time they shot they had to drop empty shells into the vase making a nice little jingle and reminding them of there ever shrinking supply!

The Japanese man handle a gun to the wall!

The “Tarter Wall” cleared the Chinese move up their “free” gun and start to bombard the legations! it went down hill from here for the allies! for only the 3rd time out of 13 games the Chinese went to victory defeating the legation forces before the Relief column arrived!

The wall above clear Chinese forces were able to mass for there next assault!


“Bengal Club” dinner, funny hats and all! and what id we eat why Chinese of course!


This was one of our best conventions at the beginning of our “Renaissance” period when Harmon and I had just taken over as President and Vice-President, good times and sad that they have passed…

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