Old School (painted back when Dinosaurs still roamed..)

We all start somewhere, these mini’s were all from the old days when people slapped a few colors on a figure and called it done. Dry brushing, blending, washes, and all the techniques we use today as matter of course did not exist, we were discovering them,  most people did not even primer there figures! I came from a modeling background (as a kid) and brought the love of painting to the hobby and my efforts and back then just a bit of extra effort on a mini could get a “gasp” when set on the gaming table. Things that won painting contest back then would not even be looked at now.

I have sadly sold most of these old mini’s but happily I photographed nearly all of them so up they go for your enjoyment, please don’t laugh to hard. Most of them are over 25+ years old.

The first gallery are some of the first mini’s I ever painted. Yes I did do a bit of D & D as everyone was and the miniatures where just appealing!

I soon discovered “Historical’s” in the form of GHQ micro armor. I was hooked! soon I was painting hordes of mini’s from Tanks to Huns on Horseback!


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