A Thrusting we will go!

Bengal club members Bill and Doug convincing themselves that all this work will be worth it.....

Bengal club members Bill and Doug convincing themselves that all this work will be worth it…..

Space the Final Frontier, well maybe not the final frontier for The Bengal Club but the one some of us are going to be exploring for the next year. A few of us have gotten up the courage to do a Campaign using a combination of the tactical “Full Thrust Continuum” (FT) rules and the old Avalon Hill “Stellar Conquest” (SC) board game for the strategic portion of the campaign. I have been loosely thinking about this for over a year and with the help of fellow gamer Doug Kendrick and other Bengal Club members will now attempt to put this idea into play.

Full Thrust Continuum the latest and I feel the most complete and well structured version of the Full Thrust system. Follow this link to Down Load them!

Full Thrust Continuum the latest and I feel the most complete and well structured version of the Full Thrust system. Follow this link to Down Load them!

Using FT and SC is not new several others have done it and the results can be found spread out across the internet, I’ll give it my “touch” and will see what happens. The idea, for me stems from the problem of generating battles that have a real goal, purpose, or result because of them than the usual “we all get a 1,000 points and meet in the middle battle”. Now don’t get me wrong we do fight scenario type battles, many of them great fun, well done, but still there is no over all purpose beyond that evenings entertainment. Players will make decisions in those types of games that they would never make in a battle were the results had consequences on future games they would have to fight like in a campaign situation. In other words “will winning this battle lose me the next battle or even the war?” Those kinds of decisons make the battles a lot more interesting, and I think result in a much more “honest” and realistic game play on the table top!


You can find this great “out of production” game on the web for around $30.

There is also the great unknown factor in battles fought where players do not know exactly what they might be facing until the ships hit the table (sensor range). Play balance is never assured, options like, flee, fighting withdrawal, hold to the last man, start to mean something! Victories also become more sweet, obtaining objectives have purpose, and on and on. Campaigns also open a huge part of the gaming hobby that some of us find both interesting, rewarding, and just fun. The campaign mode will also give us a lot more opportunities to buy, paint, and use some of those great space stations, repair docks, and other space installations besides just ships. Planets, asteroid belts, and mine fields become much more integral parts of the gaming experience.


Explore new worlds! Conquer and exploit their populations, heck maybe just vaporize them!

Explore new worlds! Conquer and exploit their populations, heck maybe just vaporize them!

So over the next year watch the Stars (well this site) and follow along with us as we battle for the control of area RX7 or the “System of Seven Veils”

Bill W

This Campaign is being played out in the Greater Los Angeles California area (Valencia to be exact) and we would love to have any other local gamers interested in participating come join us! No requirements, one battle or all of them! No ships needed to just come and play. Give me a shout through the contact info or leave comment with your info. Check the Calendar section of my site to see what our schedule will be and get on our email list for timely updates.

If you want to follow this campaign or are involved in it please become a site subscriber or member. You will then be able to post, get into member only areas, and automatically receive notification when new material appears here. PLEASE if you become a subscriber or member, DO SO UNDER a name and email I will recognize or you may be deleted as a “spammer / scammer”


SAGA Tournament Guidelines, Schedule, and Entry forms.

SAGA's Basic rules are all you need to start.

SAGA’s Basic rules are all you need to start.

So here they are all the Guidelines, Rules, Entry Form, and Schedule for the upcoming SAGA tourney at “Game Empire” in Pasadena, California. The Tournament is hosted by and run by the “Dogs of War” gaming group with support from Chuck Robbins and the Game Empire.

Forms are in both .Doc and PDF forms as well as being available at the Game Empire from Saturday, January 10th, 2015. This Tournament will focus on the original Dark Ages rule set but will allow “Warbands” from the Crescent and Cross” to be used. Details and rules are found in the Tournament Rules file. The Tournament is focused on “Fun and Fair play” with emphasis on getting the “newer” players into their first SAGA Tourney and a chance to so what they have learned. To this end we have purposely kept options limited for this FIRST tournament event. If this goes well with both attendance and play we will expand into the “Crescent and Cross” rule set with more options. Also remember there are still to “pre Tourney” gamedays on the 10th and 24th of January, 2014! Come meet everyone and “tuneup” your warband for battle!

Tournament Rules in .DOC form

Tournament Rules in .PDF form

Entry Form in .Doc form

Entry Form in PDF form

Tourney schedule in .Doc form

Tourney schedule in PDF form

The Norman battle line!

The Norman battle line!



“Dogs of War” SAGA Tournament at Game Empire!


This beautiful 4 point Viking Warband donated and painted by Joe Nacchio is up for grabs by the Tournament winner! Get yourself registered now and don’t miss your chance!

For the last several months the Los Angeles area based gaming club the “Dog’s of War” has in conjunction with the “Game Empire” been hosting a series of “SAGA” battles in the Dark Ages games. These games were both introductory games for new players and hard fought games with seasoned SAGA fans aimed at developing a larger player base in Southern California. Thanks to Chuck Robbins owner of the “Game Empire” for providing a great place to host these games, and tireless work by Chris Snell, Joe Nacchio, Dave Dandridge, and all the “Dogs of War” in putting on the events we are happy to announce the first “SAGA Tournament” in what we hope to be a continuing series of events. The Tournament is open to all and will be run with fun and good sportsmanship as the main themes. It will be held January, 31st, 2015, at “Games Empire” Pasadena, CA. Sign in’s starting at 10:30am and competition at noon!

The tournament rules, guidelines, and an Entry forms will be posted here shortly in both .doc and PDF forms. Entry forms will also be available at “Games Empire”

There will be prizes for, First, Second, and Third place, Best painted army (judged by all participants) Hard Luck award, Random draw, as well as “door prizes” for everyone who participates! Prizes provided by the “Dogs of War” and “Game Empire” SAGA is a game where anyone can win, the mighty fall, new leaders emerge, so fear not, come, play, enjoy.


Another prize up for grabs, a set of 3 low hills terrain perfect for SAGA and many other games handmade and donated by “Dog’s of War” member Bill Witthans (yep me!)

Third outing for SAGA at Game Empire

Our third outing at Game Empire was held last Saturday November, 29th, 2014 and was again well attended maxing out all 3 reserved tables for most of the day and into evening. We continue to introduce, teach, and polish our own skills in this highly addictive game that has very simple mechanics yet a very deep level of play and variety in the battles.


My Viking Bowmen turn the farmhouse into a “Blockhouse”

We had Bill, Chris, Dave, Joe, Derek, Dennis, Tim, Jen, Galen, Rick, Jeff, Frank, and a few others trading blows on the gaming table and had 3 tables going most of the time. I had a brand new Anglo-Dane Warband to try out and Dave Dandridge was happy to bring out “his” Welsh to give them a fight. It was a hard fight too, both sides playing very cagily, my Anglo-Danes doing a bit better up until the last turn when “Dave’s”? Welsh saw an opportunity and evened up the score! When the Victory points were counted up it was 11 to 11 and a DRAW, great game. New player to our group Derrick brought his Anglo-Saxons for the first time and took on my Vikings.


Tim Daun (Anglo Danes) takes on Dave Dandridge (Welsh), while Chris plays both sides…lol!

Derrick put on a good show for not having much experience with SAGA and his first time with Anglo-Saxons (a tough to master warband) lasting until turn 4 when my “Bezerker’s” got a hold of his “Warlord” out in the open, landing 11 blows, with only I retainer near enough to soak off causalities! 5 saves, 1 soaked off, and 1 resilience, left 4 hits….very dead Anglo-Saxon Warlord.
AngloSax2aCheck the calendar section for info on the next gameday to be held. Bez1


“SAGA” Dark Ages Skirmish to be played on a Regular basis!

Bridge4The Los Angeles based miniatures gaming club the “DOG’S of WAR” are putting on a series of gaming sessions at the “Game Empire” located in Pasadena, California. We will be running the popular Dark Ages rules “SAGA” over the course of several months leading up to a tournament finally with prizes. The series of games before the tournament will be to introduce new players to “SAGA” by providing everything they need to play their first games, troops, dice, rules, and a few helpful club members to guide them through the first few games. Those already familiar with the game are also encouraged to bring their favorite warband(s) and come on over to brush up, meet other players, get ready for the Tourney, have fun and make a few new friends!

This first “series” will concentrate on the “Dark Age” side of “SAGA” but we will also be playing and demonstrating the new “Cross and Crescent” rules (basically “SAGA” for the Crusades period) and you are welcome to come and play that as well.

A little bit about the “DOG’S of WAR” gaming group;
The group has been around for 20+ years and has been at the forefront of miniatures gaming (primarily Historical, but STEAM, Sci Fi, and many others are also played) for a least that long. There are many former officers of the Historical miniatures Gaming Society Pacific South West among its members. The group has been prominent at conventions through out the LA area with the group and individuals taking home awards for the lavish miniatures games they host. The group puts FUN and FAIR play at the forefront of all their gaming endeavors. Members all have just as much fun losing while making you a better player as they do winning (sure winning is always good too!)

The Game Empire is a great place, open, spacious, well lit, and full of friendly gamers including the legendary “Dogs of War” this weekend! The Games Empire is located in Pasadena, 1795 E. Colorado Blvd,Pasadena, CA 91106

Start times and weekends will be on the “Game Empires” website http://gameempirepasadena.com/, and also published in the Calendar section of this site. For questions please email me at vonkluge@ca.rr.com Our first official game day will be this Saturday, November 8th, 2014, at 12 noon (we will go as long as there is interest in gaming, 8pm?).